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ZenWhistle™ Anti-Anxiety Whistle

ZenWhistle™ Anti-Anxiety Whistle

 4.7 (1,304 Reviews)

🧘 Reduces feelings of stress & anxiety

💚 Promotes calmness & relaxation

🎶 Clinically-proven 528hz tone

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ZenWhistle™ Anti-Anxiety Whistle

ZenWhistle™ Anti-Anxiety Whistle

Regular price $29.95
Regular price $29.95 Sale price $59.90
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Melt Away Stress & Anxiety With ZenWhistle

ZenWhistle uses the power of 528hz therapy to instantly put you in a calm & relaxed state of mind.


Instant Relief — Anytime, Anywhere

ZenWhistle lets you put yourself in the right headspace whenever you need it.

With the included carrying necklace, you'll always have ZenWhistle by your side.

Feel The Love 💚

528hz promotes feelings of peace and harmony. It's no wonder why many call 528hz the "love frequency"!



Loved By 5,000+ Happy Customers


Remove ZenWhistle from the necklace

Take a deep breath in through ZenWhistle

Exhale gently at a constant pace

ZenWhistle will make a relaxing 528hz tone that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed

How To Use ZenWhistle

    What is 528hz therapy?

    528hz tones have been shown to have a wide array of wonderful benefits for our minds and bodies.

    Backed By Peer-Reviewed Research

    It's normal to be skeptical!

    Take a look at a couple of the many studies proving the therapeutic effects of 528hz tones:


    Our 30 Day Guarantee

    ZenWhistle has freed thousands of people from stress and anxiety, and we're confident it can help you too! That's why ZenWhistle comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

    On the off chance the ZenWhistle doesn't help you, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days. :)


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I wash ZenWhistle?

    Washing ZenWhistle is easy! Just use soap and water.


    Why can't I just use speakers to play a 528hz tone?

    Electronic speakers aren't capable of producing a perfect 528hz tone. Nothing beats good old-fashioned analog sound generation.